Of the numerous products offered by the A.T.E in textile machinery, the Sample Warping Machine is a giant applied for bottom weights, shirting, silk, wool, home textiles, apparel, and worsted textiles. The Multi-Matic Sample Warper, popular among Warping Machine, has some of the best features compared to the others.

This sample warper incorporates the KAMCOS SYSTEM that has an Ethernet operator interface with an IPC/touch screen for connecting, teleservice, data acquisition, and networking. KAMNET makes customer and MM networking quite easy. The 128 bobbin standard creel, automatic warping process, guaranteed same bands from the build-up system with delicate yarns, a variety of leasing options for sizing applications, beaming speed of 150m/min, and rate of 800 m/min makes it invaluable in the textile industry and warping machines.

The crucial benefits of this machine are:

  • Manufactured by textile giants like Karl Mayer from Germany.
  • Sampling possibilities are numerous and unlimited.
  • Data analysis is real-time from operations that are network-compatible and computer-controlled.
  • Input is enabled and easy and uses CAD, PC, etc.
  • Pattern warps flexibility allows for cost reduction in time, yarn wastage, labour, and inventory control.
  • The Multi-Matic has huge capacity and can produce larger samples with varied colour combinations.

They also have the best-forged beams for warping machines, Long-Chain Beamer, and the Nov-O-Matic NOM. In machinery for warp knitting of technical textiles, they provide Tricot Weft Insertion Machines, Wefftronic RS Raschel Machines, RS MSUS_VRaschel Weft Insertion Machines, and Bi-Axial and Multi-Axial Textile Machines.

Warp Knitting machines are a speciality of A.T.E. who have been providing machinery from the best of brands to industries across 60 countries for the past 75 years. Over the years, the textile industry has evolved and is highly automated. Besides providing superior quality machines, A.T.E. also undertakes services like maintenance, spare-replacements, and procuring pan India for more than 33,000 satisfied industrial clients. Textile Spinning, Heat Exchange, Internet of Things (IoT), Static & Ink Control, Print Control, and Vision Systems, and Wastewater Management are also fields where A.T.E’s products shine like reliable beacon lights.

A.T.E. has its presence in the sugar, automobile, waste-water treatment, IoT solutions, manufacture of Vertical multi-stage pumps and textiles industry. No matter the industry, A.T.E. always has a solution to increase your productivity, lower costs, and provide excellent customer service.