Valence Electrons Pvt. Ltd. was established by and is a part of the A.T.E. Group, which provides a host of solutions across various domains. Their world-class solutions have found application in many industries such as paper, oil, glass, wood, laminates, rubber, white goods, textile, pharmaceuticals, printing, packaging, and a lot more.

Valence is widely recognized for its benchmark solutions for industrial applications like the control of static electricity and electrostatic discharge. They are also involved in applications related to ink printing and coating. Apart from this, they are also instrumental in introducing revolutionary products in the area of surface dust removal from paper, film and foil. Along with their innovative solutions in heat recovery from exhaust air on printing and coating machines, Valence has been an unstoppable force across multiple industries.

Vertical Centrifugal Pump

The expertise of the team and their vast field experience has helped Valence earn an enviable reputation with clients and competitors alike. Their efforts and application-oriented solutions have provided them with an edge over the competition. Many of their products – like the vertical centrifugal pump – have been extremely well-received in the market.

Speaking of the vertical centrifugal pump from Valence, it is an outstanding product that delivers flow rates according to application requirements. Its main features include auto-draining of the centrifugal pump and quick demounting for a rapid changeover. It is a cost-effective and low-maintenance pump that provides reliable outputs.

Valence – The Unanimous Choice

With a huge array of innovative products, the company is the unanimous choice amongst its customers. Its value-enhancing products and systems in areas such as the control of static electricity, ink handling and conditioning, inking and doctoring systems, washing and distillation, and ionizing air knives offer excellent RoI. Each of the aforementioned areas of application has a long list of products that offer comprehensive solutions.

With path-breaking systems in diverse fields and the width and depth of its knowledge and expertise, the company is set to achieve new milestones in the years to come. Capably catered to by a refreshingly honest and proactive after-sales service team, Valence customers are a happy lot owing to the consistently great service they receive. Customers can log a service call or get in touch with them anytime via e-mail or phone. The care they receive from the warm and prompt service team is unparalleled in the industry and a strong testament to the company’s focus on customer satisfaction.